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We didn’t want to say this again. We didn’t think this would happen again.

But Whoopi Goldberg has farted on The View… again.

After three-and-a-half years after Goldberg first dealt it, guest panelist Ashanti was among those who smelled it during the talk show’s taping on Wednesday morning.

Goldberg had just finished asking her colleagues whether or not they take the flu shot, Ashanti was just started to give her (ridiculous) answer and then… well… watch and listen to see what happened:

Whoopi Goldberg Farts (Again) on The View

"Excuse me!" Goldberg responded, jumping up from her seat and blaming some “breakfast burritos” for the awkward interruption.


As if Rosie O’Donnell needed another reason to want to leave The View, right?

Indeed, sources claim O’Donnell may be on her way out once again because she’s unhappy with Goldberg’s role as moderator; because she wants more power; and because ratings have been down since she debuted.

If Rosie does exit after this season, here’s a look at who we’d love to see take her place on The View: