Turn Down For What Fail: Every Viral Video Needs This Remix

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The amazing video below went viral on its own, but when remixed to the melodious sounds of Lil Jon and DJ Snake's hit single/meme "Turn Down For What"?!

Exactly. Turn Down For What just makes everything better.

Some videos need a soundtrack. Pretty much all do, really.

Watching that dude looking all hard only to go down hard?

Priceless even with no sound. Ditto the bikini-clad girl in the middle blissfully enjoying this pleasure cruise in a state of utter cluelessness before getting thrown.

Only the girl on the right seems to see the tidal wave coming, but even she is no match for the sheer force of the water ... and/or the captain's ineptitude.

Fortunately, all are okay, so we can enjoy watching this on endless loop, and even more fortunately, someone thought it would be a great mix for the song.

They thought right. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!

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