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Rosie O’Donnell thinks Katie Couric’s interview with troubled actor Stephen Collins was an epic fail, and she’s letting them both hear about it on her blog.

Collins says he’s not a pedophile, and maybe he’s not, but it’s semantics to Rosie, who says he ruined people’s young lives and didn’t really take responsibility.

In Couric’s interview, Stephen admitted molesting underage girls, but his mea culpa didn’t go far enough for O’Donnell. Ditto Katie’s questioning of him.

Rosie blogged about the interview, saying, “I was certain [Katie] was gonna do 2 him what she did 2 Sarah Palin,” but it didn’t turn out that way. At all.

“Hit him with his truth between the eyes … expose him for who he was …’what newspapers do u read Sarah? She saved us all then … this time she didn’t.”

That pales in comparison, though, to Collins himself. Rosie writes matter-of-factly that the actor “took the hand of 10 year old girl and used it to jerk himself off.” 


Collins only admits taking the girl’s hand and placing it on his penis, and that he knew immediately this was a mistake, but the woman claims he ejaculated.

Rosie unloads on him for not taking more blame, stating, “ummmm – after u came on the kids hand – u mean? stephen … right? u are not equals.”

“She was an innocent child … a baby girl … u have a daughter for gods sake … were u able to resist the urge to touch her? how noble … congrats.”

“in case u wonder what ur man sized penis – ur abuse of power ur lack of impulse control did to that kid … i will tell u a bit about me … sex is not fun.”

“not now … not ever … it is married to a lingering terror … joy evaporated.”

Collins admits he’s a flawed person, but says his past is his past and he’s come along way dealing it. To Rosie, herself an abuse survivor, that doesn’t cut it.

O’Donnell recounts the impact sexual abuse caused her, “My body became my enemy … I would not love it … take care of it … treat it well … it betrayed me.”

She then likens him to Bill Cosby for the coup de grace:

“ur casual lack of accountability for her and for me has wondered us once again … u – Stephen Collins … u u r an archetype … as is Bill Cosby … pedophile/rapist.”

“how dare i … how dare i not.”