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Despite the fact that Scott Disick nearly died from alcohol poisoning over the summer, the professional baby daddy seems to have no plans to put down the bottle any time soon.

The so-called “Lord Disick” got wasted at Kris Jenner’s birthday party in November, and wound up spraying other guests with champagne.

After that, Disick went on a Vegas bender with his boys as one last hurrah before the birth of his third child.

Scott Disick, Diana Diaz

Naturally, it didn’t turn out to be a final blowout, and now sources say Disick is still drinking, but has agreed not to do so around the kids. 

Not surprisingly, that arrangement isn’t working out so well, and Kourtney has reportedly demanded that Scott give up booze for good.

Insiders tell Radar Online that Scott has agreed to do so, but of course he wants to go out in style with one last epic bender:

“Scott has told Kourtney that his new year’s resolution is to stop drinking, but he is trying to convince her that New Year’s Eve should be his one last exception to get wasted.”

The source adds that Scott is “determined to beat his drinking habit,” but claims Kourtney is less than thrilled with his idea of getting hammered one last time:

“Kourtney is afraid that if she allows him to get drunk, he will not stop it and it will lead to another long bender and he will be right back to where he started…She is terrified that if they go out together it will end in disaster.”

Watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online to see Scott struggle with sobriety, and check Los Angeles Times police blotter on New Year’s Day to find out if he went ahead with his “final bender” plan.