Ray Rice and Janay Palmer: New Video Shows Couple Handcuffed, Kissing After Elevator Assault

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New security camera footage from the night that Ray Rice assaulted Janay Palmer was released today.

The tape shows Rice and Palmer being handcuffed by police and kissing while in custody.

The video - portions of which were released moments ago by ABC News - contains 45-minutes of previously unseen footage from February 15, when both Rice and Palmer were arrested for assault at an Atlantic City casino.

Palmer's charges were eventually dismissed, while Rice's charge was upgraded to aggravated assault.

The video begins with what appears to be Palmer shouting at Rice in the hotel lobby, angrily shoving him away when he tries to approach her.

Hotel security intervenes, and eventually police arrive on the scene. 

Both Rice and Palmer are handcuffed and escorted to an elevator, where they appear to kiss briefly while in police custody.

Following the incident, Rice received a modest two-game suspension from the NFL.

Just days after the start of the 2014 season, however, TMZ released new footage that showed Rice knocking Palmer out inside an elevator.

The video shocked the public, and resulted in an indefinite suspension from the league, as well as a terminated contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

Rice avoided criminal charges by entering a pretrial intervention program. The NFL made him eligible to play again on December 1, but thus far no team has shown an interest in Rice. 

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