Janice Dickinson on Bill Cosby Scandal: Beverly Johnson and South Park Speak the Truth!

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As the first household-name celebrity to come forward with allegations of abuse, Janice Dickinson's role in the Bill Cosby scandal is one of major significance. 

Dickinson has inspired other women to come forward, and as an outspoken public figure with decades of media experience, Dickinson has become a sort of unofficial spokesperson for the dozens of women who claim to have been victimized by Cosby.

Yesterday, iconic model Beverly Johnson alleged that Cosby drugged her and attempted to sexually assault her, but gave up when she loudly resisted his advances. 

Dickinson was asked today for her thoughts about the shocking essay that Johnson penned for Vanity Fair:

Naturally, Dickinson applauds her fellow former model for having the courage to come forward and add her name to the long list of Cosby accusers.  

On the topic of TV writers making jokes at Cosby's expense, however, Dickinson is somewhat more ambivalent:

When asked about a recent episode of South Park in which Cosby attempts to sexually assault Taylor Swift, Dickinson said she hasn't seen the episode...and doesn't intend to watch it.

"South Park is South Park, and I hear it's getting a lot of play," Dickinson told a TMZ photographer. "[But] rape is no laughing matter."

Dickinson stated that she doesn't have any problem with South Park's decision to wade into such controversial territory and doesn't intend to "boycott" the show.

She added, however, that she won't be watching the episode that addressed the Cosby scandal, seemingly for personal reasons.

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