Jana Duggar: DITCHED on Family Trip So That She Could Stay Home and Care For Her Siblings?!

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Left Behind is the title of a popular Christian-themed series of novels, in which believers are "raptured up" to heaven while the un-chosen are abandoned to suffer and struggle for the rest of their days.

Some would say it's also the story of Jana Duggar's life.

While the Duggar Christmas card that was unveiled on Monday showed Jana in her usual place within her ever-growing family, a different photo posted last week told a very different story.

Jana Duggar Outside Her House

It seems most of the Duggar clan recently jetted off to El Salvador to do missionary work. When matriarch Michelle Duggar posted a photo from the trip online, fans immediately noted the absence of Jana.

It turns out, Jana was back in Arkansas, caring for her four youngest siblings.

Jessa Duggar also did not join her family in Central America, but for very different reasons.

Jessa was invited to be the Grand Marshal of a parade in Malvern, Arkansas, after which, she and husband Ben Seewald took a trip to Hot Springs for a weekend getaway. 

"While Jessa is being treated like the homecoming princess, Jana is at home cooking, cleaning, and tending to four active, young kids," a source tells Star magazine.

"The Duggars make thousands of dollars per episode. If they have to be gone, they can afford to hire a babysitter now and then to give Jana a break."

Insiders say Jana is "exhausted" from a lifetime of helping to raise her younger siblings.

To make matters worse, the 24-year-old has suffered a number of public indignities that drew irate responses from fans, including being edited out of a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

Seems harsh, but thus far, there's been nothing in the way of a public complaint from Jana, so all the fans rushing to her defense could just be wasting their time.

Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to decide for yourself if Jana is a put-upon modern-day Cinderella, or just a sister who enjoys helping her family.

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