Jana Duggar: Exhausted From Lifetime of Helping Raise Siblings, Source Says

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During a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting, fans of the show took to social media to express their outrage at the mistreatment suffered by Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob.

In the episode, Jana was forced to work tirelessly in preparation for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's wedding, while the rest of the family enjoyed an afternoon tea party. 

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The incident gave credence to rumors that Jana is planning to break away from her family in order to start a life of her own, in which she won't be forced to shoulder such a burden.

Helping to raise her sixteen younger siblings has got to take a toll on you.

"It's absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do," a source close to the Duggar family tells Radar Online.

"Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities on to her," and this is not exactly a new thing.

"Ever since she was young, she would have to watch the house while Michelle and Jim Bob would go out on date night alone."

"She looks so tired and worn down sometimes," the insider adds.

"You can't help but feel bad for her, having to take on that responsibility at such a young age. It's like she's been a parent ever since she was 13!"

With one of Jana's younger sisters already married, and Jessa Duggar engaged to Ben Seewald, many fans have speculated that Michelle and Jim Bob have sabotaged Jana's love life.

Long story short, Jim Bob was very active in the courtship process regarding Jessa and Jill's mates, shepherding through the process and even basically choosing Jill's man.

In order to keep her at home, he doesn't even have to tell her she's not allowed to date, he just has to keep her busy and not go out of his way to help her.

Diabolical, really, if it's true, but according to the strict Duggar courtship rules, suitors must be hand-picked by Jim Bob, and the patriarch doesn't seem to be making much of an effort.

There should be many a suitable partner for Jana in Arkansas and beyond. Why she hasn't found one yet is likely a question we'll be debating for some time.

For now, you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online to decide for yourself if Jana is unfairly burdened or if she's just pitching in to help her huge family.

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