Dan Bilzerian: Sued For Kicking Woman in the Face!

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The legal woes just keep mounting for controversial playboy and Instagram icon Dan Bilzerian.

Yesterday, Bilzerian was arrested and held without bail after being charged with stockpiling explosive materials that could be used for making bombs.

Today, Bilzerian is being sued by a woman who claims he kicked her in the face at a Miami nightclub last week.

Blitz - as he's known to fans - has not spoken publicly about the allegation that he hit Vanessa Castano with a boot to the nose, but the video evidence is pretty damning:

It's tough to tell if the guy in the center of the screen is, in fact, Bilzerian. But if her lawyers are able to prove it, then it may be Vanessa lucky day. Hey, if ya gotta get kicked in the face, might as well be by a guy with deep pockets, right?

Of course, this isn't the first time Bilzerian's been accused of violence against women.

In April, he threw a porn star off his roof, in an incident that was also caught on tape. 

Bilzerian was able to settle that dispute out of court, and that will likely be the case with Castano's complaint as well.

The dude claims to have won over $50 million playing poker in his life, so it's not a terrible burden for him to make civil cases go away.

Now, those criminal bomb-making charges might be a different story...

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