Dan Bilzerian: Out of Jail, Back to Hanging With Bikini Models

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It's been an uncharacteristically rough week for Instagram star/professional envy target, Dan Bilzerian.

On Tuesday, Bilzerian was arrested and held without bail for allegedly stockpiling materials that can be used to make explosives.

Wednesday, Bilzerian was sued (while still behind bars) for allegedly kicking a women in the face in a Miami nightclub last week. 

Today, order has been restored in Bilzerian's world, and the controversial playboy is back to living the high life. Literally:

Dan Bilzerian, Models, Private Jet

That's Blitz and a couple of his comely friends celebrating his release from prison in low-key fashion. Well, as low-key as you can be while soaring in your own private jet, anyway.

Bilzerian captioned the above pic, "Jail...Let's not do that again," thus echoing the sentiments of pretty much anyone who's ever been locked up for any reason.

Sadly, most folks aren't greeted by a harem of surgically-enhanced beauties upon being sprung, but that's part of the appeal of Blitz' wildly popular Instagram page: 

It allows his millions of followers a bit of vicarious wish fulfillment via a glimpse into the life of a heavily-armed, gloriously-bearded mutant hybrid of Hugh Hefner and Hunter S. Thompson.

There's no word on how Bilzerian managed to be set free despite being denied bail, but dude is a trust fund kid who claims to have won $50 million playing poker, so we're guessing he wasn't relying on a public defender to plead his case.

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