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On Chicago P.D. Season 2 Episode 9, Roman and Burgess were assigned to ride-along with his ex-partner, Jen. You know, the one he fell for and everything.

As you might expect, the situation grew very tense very quickly, with Roman joking (half joking?) that he “should have called in dead.

Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 9 Online
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 9 Online

Soon enough, Jen opens up about how she and Roman shared a fling, even though she knew better at the time. She then moved on to “bigger and better things” (die a flashing of her engagement ring!), though the same could not be said for Roman:

He crashed her engagement party and slugged her husband-to-be’s father in the face.

With Roman and Jen busy fighting, Burgess was forced to enter a building by herself. And this is when you knew something bad would happen:

She gets shot, prompting Roman and Jen to race over and viewers to wonder: Might this be it for Burgess?

If so, hey, at least Ruzek gave her a kiss earlier that morning.


Go ahead and watch Chicago P.D. online to see what else went down this week. Among the key developments:

  • Lindsay debated whether or not to take a job with the federal task force, as one of their special agents made an appearance to woo her.
  • After hearing from Voight that he’s proud of her, she decided to “get in front of” of the problem and take the gig.
  • Away from the intelligence unit, could a relationship with Halstead be next?!?

Let’s hope so, right?

Chicago P.D. will return with new episodes in 2015. Enjoy your holiday break!