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The Internet craned its collective neck in curiosity when we first learned that Charles Manson planned to wed Afton Elaine Burton.

Rumors about the details of the Manson wedding made the rounds online and we all cringed in horror at the thought of the 80-year-old serial killer planting a kiss on his 26-year-old bride.

But, of course, we wanted to see the pics anyway.

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Now it seems that in a move that probably doesn’t make the top 30,000 on the list of awful things he’s done in his life, Manson has denied us the opportunity to gawk at his freakshow nuptials by getting hitched in a secret ceremony.

Burton has reportedly been spotted wearing a wedding band, and Manson’s own son seemed to confirm that the wedding had already taken place, when asked recently if he planned to attend:

“I would have gone out of curiosity,” Matthew Roberts told the Daily Mail. “But now it seems it’s happened without me.”

Roberts was conceived when Manson allegedly raped his mother during a 1967 orgy. Just one of the many reasons he’s no fan of his dear old dad.

“There’s got to be something wrong with her,” Roberts said when asked about Burton. “Or maybe not. Maybe she’ll come out of this filthy rich. The Manson name is a brand. She’s after his money, and he does have a lot of money.”

Roberts is convinced that the marriage is just a cash grab by Burton. Under federal law, Manson cannot access his savings or profit from his crimes. But there’s nothing to stop Burton from doing so.

“I think it’s lame and stupid,” said Roberts. “If it’s just some joke wedding and he’s using it to shuffle his money around, or if she’s just an opportunistic pariah trying to take advantage of him, then I want to know.”

“I am warning her, if she has married my dad – who is the most hated man in America – she needs to realize she will become the most hated woman in America.”

Apparently, Roberts has never heard of Kate Gosselin. We kid!

Anyway, as you gather with those family members you’re not that crazy about this holiday season, just remember, it could be worse:

You could be Charles Manson’s son forced to deal with a new stepmom who’s 21 years your junior.