Sean Kory: Hot Mug Shot Guy Reloaded!

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Jeremy Meeks, step off. There's a new Hot Mug Shot Guy going viral online.

Sean Kory, a 29-year-old man from Santa Cruz, Calif., is making a run at the Hottie Thug / Felon Crush Friday crown, even though it's only Monday.

That's just how hot he is, people. You're welcome, ladies. You are welcome.

And the Winner is?

Sean Kory or Jeremy Meeks: Which hot mug shot guy of 2014 is hotter? Cast your vote for your favorite sexy felon right here and now. View Poll ยป

The blue-eyed hunk, who strikingly resembles original Hot Mug Shot Guy standard-bearer Jeremy Meeks, was reportedly arrested over the weekend. Why?

He was yelling "I hate Fox News" and attacking a person dressed as a Fox News reporter at a Halloween parade. Seriously. Sounds totally stable.

According to reports, Kory grabbed the victim's mic and "proceeded to rub the microphone on his crotch and pummeled the victim with an aluminum tennis racket."

We don't even know where we'd start, so just insert your own joke here.

The victim, who was not seriously injured in the disturbing Halloween incident, contacted police, who arrested Kory and took the mug shot in question.

Meeks, of Stockton, Calif., was first crowned "Hot Mugshot Guy" after his booking photo hit the web following a June arrest on gang-related weapons charges.

He is allegedly a very bad dude.

Nevertheless, the handsome thug, who was indicted on federal charges, was reportedly offered a modeling contract, though it's unclear if Modelz was serious.

Anyway, there you go. Vote on your hottest criminal of 2014 above and click through some more hilarious, albeit slightly less attractive, mug shots below ...

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