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Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild are totally getting it on, according to her Celebrity Apprentice co-star Kenya Moore, who says she saw the two shack up together!

Moore tells Us Weekly that Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild, who have been long-rumored as a secret couple, were sharing a room during this spring’s filming.

“That bodyguard was very interesting because they actually shared a room – I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that – so he was around a lot,” Moore reveals.

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Pretty scandalous reveal right there, whether she meant it that way or not!

Gosselin, 39, divorced her husband of 10 years, Jon Gosselin, in 2009.

Not long after that, rumors of Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild dating surfaced, although neither has publicly commented on the gossip one way or the next.

This year, the speculation resurfaced after Steve quit working for her, reportedly due to an ultimatum given to him by his wife of several decades that he do so.


Neild’s wife Gina Downie posted a family photo with her husband and two sons to Facebook after new rumors of Neild’s romance with Gosselin blossomed.

He has since resumed working for Kate and her family. Obviously.

What is the status of their relationship now? It’s very far from clear.

While the Celebrity Apprentice cast was only recently announced, the filming took place early this year, before Neild briefly bailed on working for Kate.

It makes you wonder, although there is still no proof of anything.

As for Jon Gosselin, he is currently broke and homeless, or darn close to it, after going through as many jobs as Ed Hardy t-shirts over the past few years.

As for Kenya Moore, you can catch her battle with Kate, Brandi Glanville and other C-to-D-listers on Celebrity Apprentice starting in January on NBC.

Or watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online right now!