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Even though Kaley Cuoco has been married to Ryan Sweeting for almost a year now, she’s still in the awkward position of having to see her last serious boyfriend on a regular basis.

And no, Kaley’s relationship with Henry Cavill doesn’t count; they dated for like a week. 

We’re talking about Johnny Galecki here. Kaley and Johnny dated for over two years and broke up while their characters on The Big Bang Theory were still in a relationship.

Of course, neither should be expected to walk away from a $90 million contract, so they’ll be working together for at least three more years. It’s seems like they’re both cool with the arrangement, but we can’t help but wonder how Ryan feels about pics like this:

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook in 2018
(Getty Images)

It’s bad enough they’re both making sexy eyes at the camera, but on top of that, Kaley captioned this, “Mr. Galecki is in full control.”


No one’s saying that Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting has any plans of getting frisky with he co-stars. The girl made the switch from nerd to washed-up ex-jock, and we’re guessing she has no plans of going back.

Kaley still her wears her wedding dress for Pete’s sake. The girl is committed.

Even so, this pic probably didn’t sit particularly well with Ryan.

For one thing, he must feel a little insecure about the fact that his wife and her co-stars all just became fabulously wealthy while he’s unemployed.

Plus there’s the fact that even though he’s been married to Kaley for 11 months, he still hasn’t dated her for as long as Galecki…and they only went out for two years!

But again, Kaley is clearly in love with being married. We’re pretty sure a change of heart on the whole “having a million babies” thing is the only way Ryan could scare her off at this point.