June Shannon Appears in Dumb and Dumber To: Will Her Awkward Scene Upset Audiences?

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It's been a strange week for June Shannon. The embattled former reality star sat for a number of interviews and did further harm to her badly-damaged public image in the process.

First, Shannon revealed that she was lying when she claimed she didn't know the identity of Lauryn Shannon's father. Worse, she told the world that she intentionally misled to her daughter about which convicted child molester was her dad.  

After that, Shannon got caught lying about her relationship with Mark McDaniel and accused TMZ of conspiring against her, for some reason.

Given the level of intelligence on display during what should have been an apology tour, perhaps it's not surprising that Shannon has chosen to make her big screen debut in the long-awaited Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels comedy, Dumb and Dumber To.

June Shannon is Happy With Her Makeover

"Mama June" revealed her role in the film yesterday, in a rambling, borderline-incoherent Instagram post:

"I'm know alot of craziness is going on but I'm very excited to announce I'm going to be in the new dumb and dumber to movie," Shannon wrote.

"I played Jeff Daniels wife in a scene the Farley brothers and the whole crew was awesome I'm some appreciative of the opportunity...it's a must c movie of u loved the first one."

We'll assume Shannon meant the Farrelly brothers, who at this point are probably deeply regretting casting June in a scene that they weren't able to leave on the cutting room floor - particularly given the nature of her cameo:

Sources who have seen the film say Jim Carrey "gropes" and "molests" Shannon's character in a trailer park setting. 

Yeah, given the events of the past few weeks, it sounds like the cringe-worthy factor could be high on that one.

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