Guy Buys 99 iPhones For Elaborate Marriage Proposal, Girl Says No

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A Chinese man who purchased 99 iPhones to use in an elaborate marriage proposal ended up being rejected by his would-be bride, adding insult to financial injury.

You could even say he's got 99 iPhones but ain't got The One.

99 iPhone Proposal

The occasion of “Singles’ Day” (November 11 in China) will now take on new meaning for the man who got shot down, as he felt it would be a great time to propose.

Alas, he's now spending 11/11 as a single man once more.

A young programmer, the spurned aspiring groom put together a marriage proposal in which 99 iPhone 6’s were arranged on the ground in the form of a heart.

The plan cost him a cool $82,000 - yes, dude paid the full price of the product, while you get the $199 price subsidized by Verizon - which is just insane.

Not enough to impress her, though. She said no thanks.

Even worse? Photos and documentation of the event are up on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. So he's now going viral on other people's iPhones.

On the plus side ... high resale value?

As the saying goes, it is better to have loved and lost 99 iPhones than never to have loved at all. Besides, he can always ask Siri for dating advice ... many times over.

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