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Earlier this week, we posted a video of a cat trying to jump from the roof of one vehicle through the (closed) window of another vehicle.

Needless to say, it did not go well for the feline.

But at least that animal actually made it to his destination.

The following footage features a ferret (who is wearing a glow-in-the-dark piece of jewelry and apparently hanging out at a home rave) who really wants to leap from the table to the ironing board.

He readies himself. He bends his legs a few times. And then he doesn’t come anywhere close to accomplish his goal.

Ferret Jump FAIL!



Don’t worry, though: we’ve learned the ferret escaped this mishap unharmed. So it’s okay to laugh – and also to wonder:

Is this now the worst animal jump on record? Or does the cat who crashed down his car and into the garage still hold that title?

At least both animals can take comfort in the fact that they aren’t alone. Plenty of pets often fail at life, as documented here: