Cat Tries, Fails to Jump From Car to Roof, Wins Web With Epic Fail GIF

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Here's hoping the old saying about cats always landing on their feet is true ... or the other adage about them having nine lives. This one may be down to eight.

With two-thirds of the country covered in snow in this unusually chilly December, cats are up against it in the great outdoors. It's pretty slippery out there!

Still, we expect better than this epic fail.

Watch what happens as one orange feline attempts to make the leap from the roof of a snow-covered car to the roof of the garage, only to lose its footing:

Cat Sees Donald Trump

"Ready, aim, jump, oh s--t!"

While cats are known for their ninja-like agility and dexterity (they'll choke-slam you if you kick snow in their faces), ice knocks us all down a peg.

In this case, tumbling down onto the hood of the car and into the abyss below, outside the camera's range and never to be heard from again.

We kid. He was probably fine. At least we hope so. In any case, analysis shows the gentle slope of the car's roof was likely the poor fella's undoing.

Stuck in no man's hand, he couldn't get enough traction to really push off and reach the top of the garage, nor could he backtrack before it was too late.

Old Man Winter 1, All Living Things 0.

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