Cat Tries, Fails to Jump Through Car Window

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Take solace, unnamed cat in the following video:

As embarrassed as you might be right now that your attempt to jump through a (closed) window didn't exactly go as planned, remember: you will never be considered the worst leaper of your species.

That (dis)honor will forever belong to the large feline who tried to go from a parked car to a garage roof and scarcely made it six inches before plummeting to the driveway in painful fashion.

No one can mock this cat for the air he gets on his jump, though his vertical is nowhere near as jaw-dropping as that of THIS TALENTED CAT.

In another awesome example of a cat trying and failing to do something, remember the cat who couldn't really nap on a watermelon?

Seriously, it's a good thing these animals are so cute, huh?

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