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On your mark… get set… ooooh, is that a tennis ball?!?

The following video takes viewers to some kind of dog race in a foreign country.

The first two entrants respond eagerly to their owners’ commands, ignoring the distractions (food, toys, etc.) surrounding their mini track and racing to the finish line.

But then it’s time for an unnamed Golden Retriever to step up. And he’s totally focused on setting the best time – once he sniffs everything in sight, has a couple snacks and tastes everything he can first, that is.

Golden Retriever is Terrible at Racing

It’s safe to say this canine did not finish first.

But at least he crossed the line at the end. It could have been worse: imagine if someone unleashed a squirrel (SQUIRREL!) inside the arena.


As previously noted, some dogs may be loyal to their owners.

But they’re also really loyal to food. And we love them for it!