13 Ecstatic Dog GIFs

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These are the happiest dogs we've ever seen. Click through these amazing GIFs and just try not to smile.

1. Having a Ball!

Having a Ball!
Screw that! I'm having myself dozens and dozens and dozens of balls!


OMG, OMG, OMG... which one should I bite first?!?

3. Dinner Time!

Dinner Time!
I wonder what's on the menu tonight!

4. My Human is Home!

My Human is Home!
Hooray! Walk, here I come!

5. I'm Ticklish!

I'm Ticklish!
Stop it! Stop it! Okay, I'm lying: keep going!

6. Pure. Heaven.

Pure. Heaven.
There is a God.

7. I love this couch!

I love this couch!
This is so comfortable! Please buy it!

8. YES!

Yes, I wanna go for a walk! I wanna go for a walk right now!

9. What is That?!?

What is That?!?
I have no idea what it is, but I'm excited!!!!!


AHHHH! I'm start the diet tomorrow, okay?

11. Am... So... Relaxed...

Am... So... Relaxed...
This may be the only thing better than lying in a pile of dog treats.

12. Bliss in a Blanket

Bliss in a Blanket
Don't worry, I'll make myself comfortable.

13. Time to Dance!

Time to Dance!
YAY! I am just so very happy!

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