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Buddy Valastro may know his way around a kitchen.

But he had some major trouble on the open road early this morning.

The star of TLC’s Cake Boss was pulled over by police after the cops noticed his yellow Corvette wearing all around 10th Avenue in New York City.

Cake Boss Star Arrested for Drunk Driving

According to TMZ insiders, authorities smelled a strong odor of alcohol when they ambled over to Valastro and the reality star proceded to fail multiple field sobriety tests.

Valstro was subsequently handcuffed and booked at the local precinct.


A law enforcement officially tells TMZ that Buddy "blew well above the legal limit” and that it went before a judge this morning in order for bail to be set.

It’s safe to assume he’ll pay it, become a free man, report to court at a later date and, hopefully, learn a valuable life lesson from this incident.