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Following the stunning death of her life partner Sweets on this fall’s premiere, Daisy returned to assist Brennan last night on Bones Season 10 Episode 8.

Obviously, her return is an emotional moment for everyone involved.

Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 8 Online
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 8 Online

Titled "The Puzzler in the Pit," Bones Season 10 Episode 8 saw Miss Wick arrive at the Jeffersonian, and Angela and Cam are thrilled to see her.

Sweets is mentioned briefly, and pregnant Daisy’s outlook on life and personality are so different than before (for obvious reasons) that it’s obvious.

Booth and Brennan pack up clothes and toys for the Squint’s baby while they discuss life and work, which means a case involving a fracking company.

The victim is a crossword puzzle master, of whom Cam was a fan.


Miss Wick is on their minds, though, and Angela tells Brennan she thinks Daisy, who talks about having a doula for her birth, is in the throes of a breakdown.

Brennan tries to give Daisy advice, and Angela goes with Daisy to her doctor’s appointment, where the doula insists that she stay in the waiting room.

Back on the work front, the team discerns that the victim had been assaulted before he was murdered, and that he had been suffering from Alzheimers.

There was a gambling website involved, and Aubrey, who steps in to keep Booth at arm’s length, speaks with a bookie and learns what was going on.

It turns out the victim was paying for his assistant to gamble rather than gambling himself, setting off a chain reaction with dire and surprising consequences.

Daisy goes into labor at the end of the installment, preparing to welcome Sweets’ baby and making for an emotional scene when you watch Bones online.

Seriously, bring the tissues when you tune in this week.