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On Total Divas Season 3 Episode 5, WWE standout Daniel Bryan’s neck injury and his recovery from surgery continued to loom large over the E! reality series.

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Wife Brie Bella is supportive of his natural, holistic approach to healing, while WWE Diva Nikki Bella, Brie’s sister, and WWE star John Cena aren’t sure.

Nikki hopes Daniel’s methods don’t prolong the recovery process or worse, prevent him from healing right. We can see both sides of the coin here.

Total Divas Season 3 Episode 5 shows us Nikki Bella walking out for a match and greets Brie, who is there to support her, having quit in an earlier storyline.

Brie, talking about a scripted storyline on WWE Raw as part of her scripted storyline on Total Divas, calls working with Stephanie McMahon a "dream."

Just so amusingly meta right there.

Backstage, Nikki and Brie get into a discussion regarding Bryan’s condition. What if acupuncture doesn’t help him and the natural way just can’t cut it?


There’s also a key point she touches on: Bryan is on the shelf financially too, and longer he’s away from the ring, the longer his paycheck drought goes.

Later, Bryan feels a sensation in his arm, a jolt that resulted in obvious pain and while he doesn’t want to see a doctor, his case is not very strong.

He does realize this and decides to see one. The WWE physician says he needs another surgery, which will be quick and the recovery time short.

At a restaurant with Brie’s mom, he’s not sure if he wants to go through with it, though. Brie and her mom clearly think he should do it, for obvious reasons.

Bryan is still reluctant to pull the trigger on this, however, and it looks as though when you watch Total Divas online next week, the story will continue.

We wish them the best.