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Following The Flash Season 1 Episode 1, a premiere that drew rave reviews and huge ratings for The CW, Barry Allen learned a few lessons on The Flash Season 1 Episode 2.

The follow-up installment served to remind viewers that he’s only a kid, after all, as opposed to other superheroes who take on their heroic tasks in adulthood (hi, Oliver Queen!).

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This week, we witnessed a clash of viewpoints between Joe West – the detective who raised Barry – and Dr. Harrison Wells, the scientist anxious to explore The Flash’s potential

West is concerned that speed isn’t enough. Is Barry truly a warrior ready for battle?

Wells and the S.T.A.R. Labs team, conversely, are happy to let Barry chase down other meta-humans… yet want to draw the line at rescuing kittens from trees. They have self-serving goals in mind.


But “you don’t know what you don’t know,” West warns the team of scientists. He fears they will get Barry killed.

This house also centered on what Barry doesn’t know, specifically the details in fighting crime at  warp speed.

For example, he’s still flying past destinations and he occasionally rushes off so quickly he forgets to grab a change of clothes. Oops!

Barry also requires extra amounts of fuel to power his new metabolism. You know, like 850 tacos in one sitting.

And that’s one of the appeals of this new series: Barry is clearly having a blast. Examples: the guy turns his hand into a makeshift centrifuge; he “stops time” to tell Iris all the things he wish he could tell her, yet cannot

(NOTE: Iris is fixated on the “red streak." It sucks for Eddie, but she clearly has a crush. Big time.)

As for the Villain of the Week, Multiplex could duplicate of himself, yet didn’t really stand out in any way. That’s fine, however. We know Captain Cold is on the way and Barry needs to be the main focus here for a bit early on.

The episodes concluded with Joe realizing that Barry’s partnership with Wells is the only way Central City can remain safe, but also with him emphasizing the personal and vowing to Barry: “We’re going to figure [your mother’s murder] out together."

We then see Wells visiting Simon Stagg, who wants to capture this “man in the red mask” and redefine “what it means to be human.” At that, Wells drives a dagger into his peer, explaining that The Flash "must be kept safe."

What did everyone think of this installment? You can watch The Flash online to catch up and you can get a look ahead below at The Flash Season 1 Episode 3:

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