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Nail’d It Season 1 Episode 2 marked the second episode of this sophomore series hosted by former Cheetah Girl and Rob Kardashian girlfriend Adrienne Bailon.

Watch Nail'd It Season 1 Episode 2 Online
Watch Nail’d It Season 1 Episode 2 Online

The premiere of this intriguing new show introduced us to the aspiring nail artists looking for a career boost and the six-figure prize to help make that happen.

On Nail’d It Season 1 Episode 2, the hopefuls who survived the premiere had to balance class with funk for clients consisting of music managers and other professionals.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on how successful they were), there was a challenge involving both sugar and spice. Literally, and otherwise.

It had a candy theme.

This week’s competitors are Temeka, 30, Thao, 24, and China, 27, who calls herself “Bling Queen” in the third person, but backs up that talk with her work.

So who prevailed?


Each of the three contestants put a very different twist on this, and after Thao was announced the winner of the competition, she broke down in tears.

Thao feels like her career now has legitimacy, as does China, who earns second place and another opportunity to compete for a chance in the finals.

Poor Temeka is out, but she knows this isn’t the end of her career. In fact, her experience on Nail’d It proves she has what it takes to be among the best.

After two episodes, we have Classic and Thao in the finals. Next week, three new competitors will create nail art that is the bouquet for a bride’s wedding.

That should be incredible, and incredibly high stakes, given that it’s a wedding and all … not to mention a far cry from the candy scene in this episode.

Doing fragile and highly scrutinized work on the most memorable and photographed day of someone’s life? Let’s hope the Bling Queen is up to the task.