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At first, it looked as though being sentenced to prison would be the worst thing to ever happen to Teresa Giudice’s public image.

Yet somehow, the reality star/felon has managed to do far worse damage to her reputation through her insane, childlike reactions to the news.

First, Teresa tried to get out of her sentence, even though she personally signed a plea deal which guaranteed she would serve time.

Once she finally came to terms with the fact that she’d be getting getting locked up, Teresa campaigned to for a cell in the prison that inspired Orange is the New Black, because apparently she thinks the Bureau of Prisons is a lot like Travelocity.

After that, Teresa’s team began to get fed up and started distancing themselves from her increasingly erratic behavior.

Teresa’s crisis manager fired her, supposedly because Giudice routinely went behind her back and undermined her work. Now, however, it looks like Wendy Feldman may have a much better reason for canning Teresa than simple professional disagreements:

Life & Style reports that just days before Teresa’s sentencing hearing, Giudice was still hoping to escape serving jail time. When Feldman informed her that prison was inevitable, Queen T straight-up lost it:

“Teresa flipped out,” says a witness. “She just couldn’t hear those words. She grabbed Wendy with both hands and slammed her back forcefully. Everyone was stunned.”

Shockingly, Feldman waited until three weeks later to end her professional relationship with Teresa, and while she wasn’t exactly kind to Giudice in her statement to the press, she made no mention of the attack.

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