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With Nadiya voted off the island in last week’s premiere, Survivor Season 29 Episode 2 promised plenty of fallout, along with alliances, twists and turns.

Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 2 Online
Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 2 Online

First off, Josh explained why he put Baylor’s name down, in an attempt to hide their alliance and knowing she would be safe. She isn’t certain she buys it.

Meanwhile, Jon lost the flint, and pleas for forgiveness fell upon deaf ears early in Survivor Season 29 Episode 2. Soon, though, it was challenge time.

Fishing equipment was at stake, and the tribes again had to select someone to compete against their loves in a puzzle course slash balancing act.

John Rocker was selected for Coyopa to compete against girlfriend Julie, who won going away and sent Jeremy off to Exile Island along with her boyfriend.

The tribe tried to engineer a deal with Jeff Probst to trade their beans for another flint, but the best he would offer was a flint instead of the fishing gear.


They took that deal, and with Rocker in Exile, Dale revealed the former baseball star’s identity and all the controversy that went with it to the tribe.

Jeremy also knows who John is, but struck up an alliance with the athlete anyway in hopes that the volatile Rocker might take care of his wife Val.

In the immunity challenge, Jeremy bested John, while Kelly beat Jaclyn to win the challenge for Hunahpu heading into the critical tribal council.

Rocker, having found an immunity idol with a clue from Exile Island, conspired with Josh to force a tie between Baylor and Val to take out a girl.

Val had boasted of having an immunity idol, but when there was in fact a tie between Val and Baylor, the tribe voted again, among only those two.

When the votes were tallied up, Val and her made-up idol were nearly unanimously voted off in a dramatic conclusion to the second week of competition.

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