Sugar Bear Thompson Won't Fight For Custody of Honey Boo Boo... Under One Condition

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Ever since the world first learned that June Shannon is dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, it's been widely assumed that Shannon's youngest daughter would be removed from her care one way or another.

Shannon is in danger of losing custody of her three youngest children.

But even if the current investigation by the state of Georgia finds that "Mama June" is a fit mother, surely Sugar Bear Thompson - father of 9-year-old Alana - will do everything in his power to gain full custody, right?

Mama June and Sugar Bear

Not necessarily. Sources close to Sugar Bear tell TMZ that as of right now, he has no plans to fight for custody of Alana (better known to fans as Honey Boo Boo).

Sugar Bear apparently believes he would not be able to provide a suitable home for Honey Boo Boo as he has been living with friends ever since he and Shannon broke up last month.

Insiders say Sugar Bear is pissed at June for exposing his daughter to the man who molested her sister, but he feels there's little he can do about it at the moment.

He reportedly fears that if he convinces a judge that Honey Boo Boo isn't safe at home and then he's found to be an unfit father himself, then Alana might end up in state care.

However, sources say that if Shannon continues to bring McDaniel into her home, then Thompson will take his chances in court with the belief that any living situation would be better than allowing his daughter to share a roof with someone as dangerous as McDaniel.

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