Sugar Bear: PISSED at Mama June For Exposing Honey Boo Boo to Mark McDaniel!

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Former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star and June Shannon husband Sugar Bear, predictably, is not thrilled about recent events surrounding his family.

Specifically, he is not happy that Mama June somehow thinks it's okay to have Honey Boo Boo exposed to a child molester ... who she is now dating.

Mark McDaniel also molested their older daughter, Anna Shannon, making this just about the weirdest and creepiest celebrity scandal in quite some time.

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McDaniel has his hands on Honey Boo Boo's back in a photo published by TMZ. Sugar Bear tells the site that this is very much not okay as he sees it.

No kidding.

He's also upset that TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in light of the scandal; Sugar Bear was set to appear on it despite his split from June.

Meanwhile, sources say that Mark McDaniel, who dated June before he was imprisoned for child molestation, was always her first choice over Sugar Bear.

Even though he was behind bars almost the entire time June and Sugar Bear were together and making babies and reality TV deals, it ruined their relationship.

She reportedly kept a box of photos of herself and McDaniel in the house, which Sugar Bear knew about and protested, but she would not get rid of.

McDaniel molested June's then eight-year-old daughter Anna, so he was understandably the subject of frequent arguments between June and Sugar Bear.

He felt she was still emotionally dating McDaniel, even though they weren't together physically (he was locked up, but even that didn't quash the flame).

Other sources also say that June was seeing McDaniel after he got out of prison in March but before she split with Sugar Bear, which was only last month.

Some family members believe it was June who was cheating, emotionally and/or physically, not Sugar Bear, who has been accused of secretly dating online.

In any case, we hope all the children are safe and staying strong amidst what is surely a difficult sequence of the events for them to endure and process.

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