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If Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are having trouble in their relationship, they sure are putting on a good front, because they’re already in wedding planning mode.

“The dress is kind of our first step,” said the former Bachelorette star. “As a woman, I’m just going to go ahead and say everything revolves around the dress.”

“So, we will pick the theme, we will pick the venue, and we will pick the place based on the dress,” she says, noting that Josh may have an opinion.

Andi Dorfman is on the Beach

“He’s actually really good with outfits. So, usually he is like, ‘Heck, no!’ and sometimes he is like, ‘That’s amazing!’ ” Dorfman, 27, reveals of her man.

“I am better with my visuals. I got to see it on,” adds Murray, who turned 30 this summer. “Yes or no, whether it hurts her feelings or not, I am going to tell her.”

The cute couple haven’t picked a date for the wedding yet, but “we like spring or summer … not when it’s too hot, though, because I am a sweater.”

As for what Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray most look forward to about marriage? “I want that second ring!” Dorfman says with a laugh. Adds Murray:


“She wants more bands for this rock right here. That’s what she is looking forward to.”

While their search for love is over, it’s just beginning for Chris Soules, one of the suitors on Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, who will be the next Bachelor.

Does Andi have The Bachelor spoilers to share? Not exactly, but she’s Team Chris.

“Josh is good friends with him, and he was always really kind to me, so we gave him some advice,” says Dorfman, adding that they gave him a pep talk.

“I think we told him, ‘Be true to yourself, and go find a wife.'”

Soon enough, it looks like Josh will officially have one …