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Thursday’s Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 marked Zeek’s birthday, not long after the patriarch faced a minor health scare (or maybe not so minor) last week.

Watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 Online
Watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 Online

Zeek’s stubbornness regarding heart surgery, coupled with the mere fact that he’s turning 72, is driving the point home in blunt terms that, well …

We might be saying goodbye to Zeek pretty soon. Let’s just get that out in the open.

No one who’s watched the show should be surprised at this point, but Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 once again hit home with its stark realism.

It isn’t that it hits you over the head with some cheesy or preachy dialogue, it’s just that it doesn’t sugar coat anything, whether it’s autism or morbidity.

Okay, it is a little cheesy at times, but wonderfully so. Case in point: Amber opens his eyes a bit to how important he is, and therefore the surgery is.


Parenthood is magic, he tells her. If you watch Parenthood online, that’s pretty close.

After watching that scene, and Zeek telling Camille that Amber is pregnant and that he’s going to go through with the surgery, we feel a weight off our shoulders.

That’s the sign of a television character – and a show – you’re invested in right there.

Unfortunately for Amber, Zeek’s positive feedback is not echoed by her mother, although she too can’t help but talk about some of the good stuff, eventually.

As Sarah reminisces on Amber’s old baby photos, the tears flow once more.

Joel and Julia, meanwhile, learn that Sydney is bullying an overweight classmate, more than likely projecting the separation onto someone else.

The issues between the couple are still prevalent, as evidenced by Julia’s outburst that he destroyed them all (he doesn’t argue), but there is hope yet.

Together, they research bullying and attempt to plot their next move.

Kristina and Adam, over at Chambers Academy, are forced to wing it when their lunch vendor quits due to lunch requests that could be called excessive.

What would Adam Braverman do? Start a culinary arts class in which the students themselves prepare the lunches that day! Ambitious? Overly so.

The kids’ terrible performance doesn’t compare to the positive feedback they get from the parents, though, so it looks like this idea is a winner.

Adam and Kristina FTW, as always.