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Monica Lewinsky is back, and you know what that means: Lots of BJ jokes!

But when she’s not making fun of Bruce Jenner like the rest of us, Lewinksy is forced to endure endless gags (sorry) about the times she gave oral sex to a sitting US president.

While she’s kept out of the spotlight in the years since the Bill Clinton sex scandal, the mere mention of Lewinksy’s name brings to mind images of stained blue dresses and improperly placed cigars.

Monica Lewinsky in Red
Photo via Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Beyonce name-dropped Lewinsky in “Partition” back in May. Just days prior, a controversial New York Post headline claiming that Lewinsky “sucks” went viral online.

Needless to say, it’s been a rocky return to public life for the 41-year-old former intern, and her social media debut yesterday didn’t go much smoother.


Seemingly all too aware of what was coming (again, sorry) Lewinsky sent out her first tweet, “#HereWeGo” early Monday morning.

Within minutes, Lewninsky’s page looked like the minutes from a meeting of late 90s late night comedy writers. Some samples:

“Hey I’m just here to drop some loads…of knowledge.”

“Can you recommend a good dry cleaner please?”

“Insert answer about ML not answering b/c of being too polite to talk with her mouth full.”

You get the point. Of course, Lewinsky’s reemergence into public life is part of her campaign to combat cyber bullying, so the reception she’s received on Twitter has only helped to prover her point.

Of course, many have pointed out that she’s one of very few Americans to have a presidential scandal named after, and she would have been the butt of jokes in whatever media was available at the time.

But the fact remains that the Internet in general and social media in particular provide a sort of stranger-to-victim access that never existed in previous generations, leaving all of us more vulnerable than ever before.

And certainly no one is more aware of that frightening truth than Monica Lewinsky.