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Though she’s mainly known as a trash-talking tabloid queen these days, LeAnn Rimes is still making a go at a music career. 

How do we know? Well, she occasionally talked about it on her low-rated reality show, LeAnn & Eddie. Oh, and sometimes LeAnn ruins other people’s concerts to put bring more attention to her own music.

Sadly, there’s one more clue that LeAnn is mounting a comeback, but it’s likely to give you nightmares. Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

LeAnn Rimes: Christmas Terror!

Hey, it’s October after all, which means ’tis the season for…terrifying telepathic elves?

Seriously, why don’t the elves mouths move when they talk? And how does this weird, David Lynch nightmare of a short film help promote a freakin’ Christmas tour?!


Of course, the scariest part comes right at the end when you think there’s gonna be a cameo from Eddie Cibrian, but nope! Just more terrifying elves!

Yes, even LeAnn won’t give Eddie an acting job.

Seriously though, are we expected to believe that LeAnn really has these kinds of nightmares? We all know what really keeps her up nights is the fear that Brandi Glanville might kill her

It’s probably a good thing that LeAnn & Eddie got canceled, because if Mrs. Rimes-Cibrian kept talking trash about Brandi, that’s one dream that would have become a reality.