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As more details become available about the the sexual abuse that landed Mark McDaniel behind bars, it becomes more and more astonishing not only that June Shannon would allow this man back into her life, but that McDaniel was ever allowed out of prison in the first place.

Last week, June’s daughter Anna Shannon came forward as McDaniels’ victim – revealing that her mother’s then-boyfriend had repeatedly assaulted her when she was just 8 years old. 

Yesterday, we learned that McDaniel had threatened to kill Shannon if she ever told anyone about his crimes.

Anna Cardwell on Instagram

Despite these threats, the heroic young girl eventually told her teachers about her horrifying home life, which led to McDaniel’s arrest.

Just when it seemed that McDaniel’s crimes couldn’t be any more revolting, however, new information uncovered today reveals that Anna was not the sole victim of McDaniel’s abuse.


According to statements given at the time of the incident and obtained by Radar Online, “Anna stated that her sister Lauryn is in bed with them when [the abuse] is going on.”

Lauryn – known as “Pumpkin” on the family’s TLC reality – would’ve been only 3 years old at the time.

Arrest reports also indicate that McDaniel was in the habit of videotaping the assaults which happened repeatedly over a six-month period.

Despite his shocking history, June Shannon has exposed her youngest daughter Alana to contact with McDaniel since his release from prison.

June is now under investigation by the state of Georgia and may lose custody of her children as a result her relationship with McDaniel.