Kate Walsh Retro Hairstyle: Even Worse Than Bad Judge!

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Kate Walsh stars on Bad Judge, possibly the worst new show on network television.

But the actress has found something online even more terrible than this low-rated NBC sitcom: her former hairstyle!

Over the weekend, a fan Tweeted a flashback picture of Walsh from many years ago, back when she sporting a very dated 'do. But the ex-Grey's Anatomy actress wasn't shy about poking some fun at herself in her humorous reply, which included the photo in question.

Kate Walsh Throwback Hair

"An unfortunate hair choice in the late 90s," she wrote in reference to the above image.

And, come on, let's be honest: who among us did not make an unfortunate hair choice in the late 1990s at some point?

These days, of course, Walsh rocks long red tresses that flatter her far more than her former style.

What do you think of Walsh’s mushroom-style bob thing from nearly two decades ago? Take a close look and then compare it to some more recent hairdos (and hair-don'ts?) donned by a number of other well-known names:

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