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Justin Bieber was out partying last night. Not exactly shocking news, considering the Biebs’ love for the night life knows no bounds, but here’s what is surprising:

At one point, Bieber grabbed the DJ’s mic to address the crowd and…he actually made a reasonable request in a polite fashion!

Justin Bieber: Quit Taking My Picture!

"Yo, guys, please stop taking pictures of stuff," Justin tells his fellow club-goers. "Just enjoy your night, have some drinks, have some fun, just keep the cameras down. You know, have some fun, just keep the cameras down."

Of course, at the end, it sounds like he insults some "dudes in the back" by calling them "groupies," but still…Considering how mad Justin gets at the paprazzi sometimes, this crowd got off pretty easy.

But why was JB so worried about having his picture taken, anyway?

Well, probably because of the fact that he was dancing with a group of girls, and supposedly, Justin is back together with Selena Gomez these days.


In fact, things are reportedly so serious that Selena wants Justin to propose.

So it stands to reason that the Biebs might not want video of him chillin’ with a bunch of actual groupies making the rounds online. But on the plus side, at least this clip should give Selena an idea of what married life with Justin would be like.