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(Jennifer) Love (Hewitt) was in the air on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1.

The former Ghost Whisperer and The Client List star made her debut on this CBS drama as Kate Callahan, a new member of the BAU team with extensive undercover experience.

We fist met the character as she laughed in the face of a child porn purveyor after he got hauled away in handcuffs.

We then saw her in the elevator with Reid and then in an interview with Hotch and then – Bam! – she had the job, taking the spot vacated by Blake when Jeanne Tripplehorn exited the series in May.

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Hewitt was thrust right into a stomach-turning case on the Criminal Minds premiere, as the unit went after an UnSub who removed his victims’ arms, legs and head and then proceeded to leave the torso somewhere else entirely.


Once they tracked him down, Callahan was wounded in a scuffle, quickly proving her toughness to her new colleagues.

Viewers, meanwhile, learned a tidbit about Kate Callahan as the episode wound down: she has a teenage girl in her charge. Interesting.

Did you tune in for this opener? Do you need to watch Criminal Minds online to gauge Hewitt’s debut?

We know she’s hot. But does JLH fit in with the team? Vote: HOW DID JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT FARE ON THE CRIMINAL MINDS PREMIERE?