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Earlier this week, we learned that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin broke up after four months of dating.

Initially, it was reported that Lawrence was the one to end things and Martin was completely blindsided by the news.

No cause for the split was given, but it was widely assumed that video of Martin on a dinner date with Gwyneth Paltrow had prompted Lawrence to call it quits.

Now, however, sources close to the couple are claiming that Martin was the one to dump Lawrence, and he did so at the insistence of Paltrow:

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

“Gwyneth wasn’t surprised by it,” a source tells Radar Online. “She never thought the relationship was going to last because of their age difference.”


“Plus, Jen complained to Chris that she felt like the third wheel in their relationship because of all the time he spent with their kids.”

“Gwyneth always pressured Chris to spend more time with [his children] Apple and Moses. The kids would constantly call Chris when he was with Jennifer and whatever he was doing would have to come to a standstill.”

Ah, so Gwinnie picked up on the fact that J-Law wasn’t crazy about the idea of having two ridiculously-named stepkids at the age of 24, so she pressured Chris to spend more time with his children than ever!

Very clever – but then, what else would we expect from a woman who’s openly been an elitist snob for years, yet still somehow has a movie career?

Gwyneth is good. Except when she’s flirting with the president, then she’s just so, so bad and embarrassing.

Anyway, Paltrow is clearly some kind of evil genius if she got Martin to give up all this: