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Rumors that universally beloved couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are headed for divorce began circulating several months ago.

Their marital troubles have been blamed on everything from Portia’s drinking to Ellen’s infidelity, but throughout their alleged difficulties, DeGeneres and De Rossi have maintained a united front.

They’ve continued to appear in public together and have vehemently denied reports that their relationship is on the rocks.

At one point DeGeneres slammed the tabloids for printing false reports in an uncharacteristically angry tirade.

The rumors began to subside, and if Ellen and Portia had any difficulties in the first place, it seemed as though they’d patched things up.

This weekend, however, the couple no-showed at a charity fundraiser at which they were to serve as the guests of honor, prompting rumors that Ellen and Portia are once again on the outs.


“Ellen and Portia were delayed and they were in the car on the way when they had an epic fight,” a source tells Page Six. “They ended up turning around and not going to the fundraiser.”

A spokesperson for the couple has issued a statement saying that they had never planned to attend the event. People there tell a different story, however.

Journalists on hand say they were informed that Ellen and Portia were simply “running late” when they had still failed to arrive at the fundraiser nearly two hours after the scheduled start time.

Certainly, the fact that Ellen and Portia skipped a charity event doesn’t mean that they’re having relationship problems, but it certainly doesn’t look good in context.