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When Dianna Agron dyed her hair platinum blonde last month, fans had mixed opinions about the Glee star’s new look.

But surely everyone who follows Ms. Agron on Twitter can agree that the topless photo she posted on Twitter last night is a glorious thing:

Hey, Dianna has a tattoo that looks like an illustration form a kids’ book. How ’bout that? Oh, and boobs! Ha! We hardly noticed.

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Dianna posted (and censored) the pic herself, so this isn’t The Fappening round 34 or anything. You can ogle this one guilt-free!

The actress explained in the caption that this is one of the first shots from her latest photo shoot, but she didn’t provide any further context. Is she getting into modeling? Is it part of an ad campaign? Whatever she’s selling, we’re buying it!


Dianna, of course, is currently filming the final season of Glee so maybe this is her way of showing the world she’s done with cheerleading and all grown up.

Agron is 28, by the way, so she’s probably long been ready to leave the drama of the Glee set behind her. In any event, this photo is evidence that she’s definitely making all the right career moves!