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So, are you addiction to Love?!?

Jennifer Love Hewitt, that would be, who made her return to CBS on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1.

We were introduced to her Kate Callahan immediately, watching as the agent sweet-talked a purveyor of child porn before pretty much laughing in his face. The next time we saw Callahan, she was riding in the elevator with Reid, who recognized her from a past karaoke night at Rossi’s bar.

Hotch ended up hiring her on the spot to take over for Blake, as Kate impressed him in a way the previous nine candidates did not.

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Her first case with the BAU is, well, classic BAU: an UnSub who cuts off his victims’ arms, legs and head… and then leaves the torso somewhere to be discovered.


The team tracks this evil main to a farm, where Kate gets wounded in a duffle, but Hotch guns down the culprit before he can do any real damage.

As the opener draws to a conclusion, though, viewers see another person running – just like the jogger who managed to flee the UnSub earlier – get asked by a seemingly kind middle-aged passenger for directions. Before getting grabbed and tossed into a van.

We then see a montage of men "shopping" on a website that puts young female up for auction. As they refresh their screens, the just-grabbed jogger gets added to the list. Yup, looks like we’ve got a long-term arc already. Creepy stuff.

Also of note on the premiere:

  • We learned that Callahan is taking care of a teenage girl.
  • Garcia and Reid are clearly still suffering the effects of the Criminal Minds Season 9 finale shooting. (She’s barely sleeping, while he’s visibly still “feeling” the trauma to his neck.)

​What did you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast? Does she fit in smoothly?

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