Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Nikki Ferrell Finally Realizes Juan Pablo is Terrible!

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If you've read any celebrity news headlines in the last week, the events playing out on VH1's Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 8 felt a bit like art imitating life.

The breakup of Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell was a long time coming. Many would call it something of a surprise that they lasted it as long as they did.

Still, even if you were to watch Couples Therapy online and have no idea that this romance has since ended, you would get the impression that it was inevitable.

We pick up with Juan Pablo bringing up the Fantasy Suite from The Bachelor, implying that Nikki's issues stem from the fact that he took three girls in there.

That's totally not the point, which says a lot about him, as does the fact that he won't come to her defense when Cicely oversteps during an argument.

Basically, Juan Pablo is the worst boyfriend ever, and while Nikki attracts her fair share of criticism from the ladies in the house, this fact is undisputed.

Dick Donato, of all people, reaches out to Nikki Ferrell, and after their surprising heart to heart, she seems to realize how effed up her relationship really is.

Nikki looks within herself and realizes that, deep down, he might not be making her happy - not surprising, considering he's using her for fame and relevance.

With Dr. Jenn urging her on, Ferrell decides to have a hard conversation with El Bachelor about these feelings she is starting to come to grips with.

It doesn't go well. The guy still feels they are arguing over Andi Dorfman, and flips around her argument and says that he doesn't even feel “acknowledged.”

What. A. Douche.

Cicely, meanwhile, is "wilding out" on Nikki behind her back, and to her face, piling it on when it comes to the girl's stress levels and emotional vulnerability.

Juan Pablo later demands an emergency session with Dr. Jenn, and the two decide they do want to continue working on their relationship, together.

Since we already know it's over and who dumped who and why (which isn't surprising), it's hard to muster any sort of real emotion for this climactic scene.

Meanwhile, Treach’s reunion with his dad, Kent, provides for the real emotional crux of the episode, even if it won't get the headlines Nikki and Juan provide.

Treach hasn’t seen his dad in more than 30 years. He doesn't know if he was alive. His own shortcomings as a father are hard to hear, and emotional.

Dr. Jenn wants to invite his father for a session and he agrees. It goes well at the onset, but soon, Kent is not quite giving him the answers he seeks.

Kent is not really taking responsibility for leaving, nor apologizing. He doesn't seem like he cares and that rejection is too much for Treach to bear.

What did you think of this episode of Couples Therapy? Follow the links above to watch it, and read about Juan Pablo and Nikki's inevitable breakup.

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