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According to recent reports, Bruce Jenner is now dating Ronda Kamihira, the long-time personal assistant and best friend of his ex-wife.

Kris Jenner has allegedly responded to this unexpected hook-up by crying herself to sleep every night, but TMZ now claims that she’s been doing something else in bed every night as well.

Or someone else, we should say: Corey Gamble.

As depicted in the Instagram photo above, Gamble (who works as a road manager for Justin Bieber) accompanied Kris and her family to Las Vegas this weekend in order to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday party.


Insiders tell TMZ that the relationship between Gamble and Jenner is “not serious,” though they do acknowledge that some kind of romance is in the air.

“I wouldn’t say they’re dating yet,” a source says of Gamble and Jenner, clearly implying that there’s something going on.

How could there not be? Look at the others in that picture: Kanye, Kendall, Kylie, Kim, etc. This was very much a family affair and Kris felt it proper to include Corey Gamble as part of her family.