Caleb Pusey: I'm NOT Engaged to Amanda Bynes!

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Orange County, Calif., teenager Caleb Pusey says he's not engaged to Amanda Bynes, despite what numerous gossip blogs (and Bynes) have been saying.

Amanda Bynes claimed earlier this month that Amanda Bynes is engaged to Caleb, a 19-year-old bait shop employee. Somewhat surprisingly, he does exist!

Not surprisingly at all, the engagement is news to him.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

The somewhat unfortunately named Pusey grew close to the troubled actress while the pair were in rehab together last year, so they do know one another.

As for as them being betrothed, though ...

Despite befriending each other, Caleb says the two never dated and he hasn't spoken with Bynes in at least a few months, so don't save the date for their wedding.

Bynes, who is now receiving the help she needs thanks to Sam Lutfi and her parents, revealed that the couple's engagement would grace the cover of People.

She may well grace that cover, alright, but for different reasons. Bynes was placed on a 5150 psych hold Friday after being duped into flying home to L.A.

After her DUI arrest last month, Bynes went totally off the rails, moving to NYC and engaging in bizarre, unsettling and borderline dangerous behavior.

It wasn't a matter of whether she needed help, only whether she would get it before she hurt herself and/or others. We can all be thankful that she got it.

With the aid of Lutfi, who convinced her she was returning to California to file a lawsuit against her parents and meet with an attorney, doctors got to Bynes.

Not a moment too soon, either.

Her psychiatric hold can be extended up to 14 days, by which point a conservatorship will likely be requested by her parents (again) to help safeguard her.

This same thing happened in 2012-13 until it culminated in a driveway fire and a 5150 hold. Then the conservatorship lapsed, and here we are again.

Get well, Amanda.

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