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Bruce Jenner has changed a lot over the years.

About four decades ago, he was an Olympic Gold Medalist and Wheaties cover boy, carrying the hopes and dreams of America on his broad, Decathlon-winning shoulders.

He also sported a mop top.

Indeed, while plenty has changed in the life of Bruce Jenner (his face, his marital status, his relationship with step-children such as Kim Kardashian), nothing represents this reality star’s steady, surprising evolution more than his hair.

Bruce’s locks used to be pretty long. Then it was short.

Then it featured bangs. Then it got long again.

Then it got really, really long.


These days, the locks flow so freely that rumors of a Bruce Jenner sex change continues to make the Internet rounds, as far-fetched as that may seem.

But click through the pictures above and you can see how they got started. The Bruce Jenner of 1976 simply looks nothing like the Bruce Jenner of 2014.

Has this been a change for the better?