Jennette McCurdy Nude Photo Leaks: Does She WANT Us to See This One?

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In the past, when racy photos of Jennette McCurdy were posted online, she was quick to call out the culprit, or at least strongly imply that she didn't leak them.

The actress may or may not have been a victim of The Fappening - there were photos that allegedly depicted her nude, but they were never verified.

Anyway, that's not what we're talking about here:

Jennette McCurdy Nude Photo

Prior to that scandal, shots of McCurdy posing seductively in lingerie (see gallery below) were posted on various photo-sharing sites across the Internet.

The 22-year-old McCurdy blamed Andre Drummond - her NBA player ex-boyfriend, whom she claimed was still bitter about their breakup, for the leak.

Today, however, a new naked photo of Jennette surfaced online and if we had to point a finger, we'd guess that the person responsible is none other than McCurdy herself.

The photo is posed, tasteful, and, well... we hate to sound cynical, but McCurdy's career isn't exactly on fire at the moment, and every bit of free publicity helps.

Sure, she used to costar with Ariana Grande on Sam & Cat, but the show's been canceled despite a successful first season run over on Nickelodeon.

While Ariana went on to become one of the world's biggest pop stars, Jennette's been reduced to dissing Ariana on a web series in order to stay relevant.

In fairness, we hear that Jennette has been cast in a new series for Netflix, which is all the more reason this pic may have mysteriously appeared online.

Hey, at the end of the day, we're not complaining.

It's free nudity and unlike so many other examples of that, it doesn't appear to have been hacked, so we don't have to feel guilty for looking at it. 

But in this post-Fappening era in which we live, it's good to try and get to the bottom of how that naked celeb wound up on your screen. Just saying.

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