Brooklyn Decker Sex Scene Outtakes Released: Hot and Hilarious!

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Yes, we now know what it looks like when Brooklyn Decker has sex. No, this isn't the start of The Fappening, round 87.

Brooklyn and Patrick Wilson recently wrapped filming on director Joe Carnahan's forthcoming crime drama, Stretch, and the film apparently features some intimate moments between them which Carnahan has graciously decided to share online.

We assume Wilson took on the role for free because who in their right mind would demand to be paid for the privilege of lying on top of a naked Brooklyn Decker?

That's Decker and Wilson pretending to get it on behind the scenes footage that Carnahan recently posted on YouTube.

For all of the talk about how awkward and decidedly un-sexy it is to film a sex scene, Wilson and Decker certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. Although nothing will kill the mood like a dude spraying you down with artificial sweat every 30 seconds.

Carnahan still hasn't reveal why he decided to release the footage. It's almost like he thinks combining search terms like "Brooklyn Decker," "nude," and "sex scene" is a good way to draw attention to his movie.

Clearly, the guy's got a lot to learn about promotions.

On an unrelated note, is anyone else psyched to see that new Joe Carnahan movie that we'd never heard of until today?

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