Amanda Bynes' Parents: She Got Arrested? She's in L.A.!?

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Lynn and Rick Bynes seem pretty in the dark about the fact that their troubled daughter Amanda Bynes got arrested for DUI early Sunday morning.

In fact, they found out no sooner than we did ... if not later.

Amanda was stopped by police in Van Nuys, Calif., high on Adderall and off her medication for schizophrenia and bipolarity, which she denies she has.

Her folks apparently think she's fully recovered from her meltdown last year, too, because the couple recently declined to renew their conservatorship.

That gave Rick and Lynn full control over Amanda's comings and goings, as well as all her medical, legal and financial decisions, for the past year.

Once it lapsed, though, they just let, believing Amanda does not actually suffer from mental illnesses and is fine on her own. Right on cue, she moved out.

Soon enough, she got her own place ... and failed out of fashion school. Rick and Lynn? They have no idea where she is or what she's been doing.

Bynes' father said that the couple learned about Amanda's DUI arrest from the media, and that they weren't the ones who bailed her out of jail.

Rick repeatedly said, "We don't know," when asked about Amanda by the media this week, though he said he believed she might be in New York.

She's actually staying in the Hollywood area right now, guys. FYI.

Things are not looking good for the star, from the sounds of it.

According to TMZ, which is not in the business of being mistaken, Amanda is smoking a lot of weed since moving out and is not taking her medication.

She's also still on probation from her previous DUI arrest, which is not likely to make this a simple matter to resolve as it moves through the legal system.

In any case, it looks as though not renewing the conservatorship - whatever their reasons for that decision - may be a decision the duo regrets.

Or not. They seem very much in denial about things.

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